LEAP Into Schools!

‘Leap Into Schools’ is our programme that delivers National Curriculum P.E. sessions in dance and/or gymnastics for children from nursery to Year 11 age. We take pride in that our sessions are cross curricular, whether it’s taking pupils through a journey of the Ancient Greeks and the first Olympics or producing choreographies using Jackson Pollock artwork. Our coaches work with school teachers to give the students the best experience possible. Our dance sessions help children with their co-ordination, balance and to achieve a sense of rhythm, as well as exploring their expressions and feelings through movement. Our gymnastics sessions help students to develop strength, flexibility and awareness of the body, whilst introducing healthy competition. All our Leap gymnastics coaches and dance teachers are highly qualified and have an abundance of experience working with children of all ages. Along with our National Curriculum sessions we also offer Leap breakfast, lunch time clubs and/or after school sessions in the following activities:

  • Gymnastics
  • Cheerleading
  • Dance
  • Kids Zumba

Termly School Displays

We love to celebrate the talent in all our school clubs, each term we invite parents, friends and family to watch the children’s display. Please contact us directly to see how your school can benefit from our sessions and how we can Leap into a school near you soon!